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Suanne Waugh, Friday, 7 September 2018

Governance change for Pony Club Victoria is critical to our future

Governance change for Pony Club Victoria is critical.  Pony Club Victoria needs to change.  The current structure just isn’t coping in today’s world.

Your State Council knows that change is needed

Your State Council, the leaders of Pony Club Victoria, have agreed that the organisation needs to find a new way to get the job done.  Things aren’t quite working.  Membership is in decline and there is no long term strategy to address this vital issue.  It is a big problem that needs concentrated effort to find a solution.

The governance experts know it is the right move

Your government support agenciesparticularly Sport & Recreation Victoria (PCV’s major funder) and experts in this field are telling us there is a better way to get the job done.  They have seen many organisations, just like Pony Clubmake this change and prosper as a result.

It is time Pony Club Victoria caught up with the competition!

The governance change that has been proposed is best practise for an organisation such as Pony Club; it is a tried and tested model that is serving many organisations like Pony Club very successfully.
Pony Club Victoria are behind the game in governance change, we are one of the last organisations to make this crucial leap. Our competition are already set up with governance models that make them more competitive in the market.  We are not trail blazers; we are simply following a well-trod path.  There is no danger in change however there is in standing still.  The time for change is definitely now.

Planning must be a priority for Pony Club

The State Council, the management committee of the organisation, recognises that the job of managing operations and future planning are too difficult to do well together.  The organisation is currently lacking a strong strategic vision and plan.  The State Council know they need to plan but operational matters are pressing so claim first priority at meetings, which generally results in reactive decisions rather than proactive solutions.  The governance experts will tell you, our current structure creates this reactive management; it is due to the structure, not the people.

How do we get this planning happening?

The proposed Board structure will enable our organisation to concentrate on planning and strategy.  The mix of people with different skill sets, elected and appointed to the Board will give more scope for creative thinking.  Board members are not running zones so they have the ability to think solely about how the organisation can move forward. Strategy, compliance, financial and risk management will be the Board’s top priorities.

Won’t it be hard to find Board members?

It is currently hard to find Zone Representatives due to the large volume of work involved in this role.  Our current structure is the reason for this challenge.  To be on State Council you have to be active at both Zone and State levels, the time commitment is significant.  Separating the job into operations and strategy will make it easier to find people to fill these roles.  

Will my Club still have a voice in Pony Club?

Your Club will have more say.  All members of the Board will be voted in by your Club.  Every Board member is there to represent your interests.  Our current structure has one voice in ten for your Club.  Your Club will be able to nominate Board candidates who you think will be an asset to Pony Club.

Zone Representatives and State Council will also talk for you!

The State Council and Zone Representatives will still be there to support your club and feedback the needs from the field.  The Board will look for trends and create strategy to resolve issues, while the Zone Representatives will implement and manage changes on the ground.

Change is needed for Pony Club Victoria

Your leadership group knows Pony Club Victoria needs to change but it is paramount your Club understands why change is needed and has confidence this change will make Pony Club a stronger organisation into the future.
If your Club is not yet comfortable that this change will create a brighter future for Pony Club then please call the State Office and have a chat on 03 8685 8925.

The future of Pony Club is in the your hands!

The future of Pony Club is in your hands; your Club’s vote holds the key to a brighter tomorrow for Pony Club.  Your Club can ensure Pony Club is still here in the years to come and is a force in the equestrian industry.  We exist for the faces on this page, lets make sure Pony Club is here for everyone as we move into the future.

Say YES to a brighter future for Pony Club

There is only one answer to the proposed governance changes and that is YES.








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